Jim Low - singer/songwriter

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The first building you saw on crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the northern shores of the harbour was the Orpheum Theatre. It had been an imposing landmark on the Pacific Highway. Even the name Orpheum, to a child's ears, suggested strange and wonderful places: new worlds that waited discovery.

The OrpheumThe Saturday matinee picture sessions were well attended by the local children. Our stomachs churned with excitement at the exploits of the hero of the serial and our patience was strained by having to wait a week to find out whether he lived to fight another day. We soon discovered that patience was a virtue which many of us lacked. Thank goodness the radio serials of the following week diverted our attention until Saturday returned.

I attended the last film screened at the Orpheum. It was appropriately, "Gone With The Wind". I can still see the colourful streamers that were thrown from the dress circle at the end of the film, a sad memory of the theatre's final curtain call.