Jim Low - singer/songwriter

Above the Creek Bed

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Jim Low with Chloe and Jason Roweth


    1. Sunny Corner Mine
    2. The Trapper
    3. The Country in Me
    4. Fields of Eldorado
    5. The Shiralee
    6. Like Mawson in A Blizzard
    7. Sailing Through History
    8. At Stringybark Creek
    9. Changed Our Neighbourhood
    10. Folksinger
    11. Myall Grove
    12. Margaretís Song
    13. Negatives of Glass

All words and music © Jim Low except the words to Myall Grove which is a poem by Jim Harper.

Recorded mixed and mastered in Millthorpe NSW by ChloŽ and Jason Roweth.

The lyrics are included in the 20 page booklet which was designed by Jim's daughter Susannah Low in her Briar Hill, Vic studio.

CD: $25 (+ postage)

Performing on the CD are:
Jim Low:
vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
ChloŽ Roweth:
backing vocals, mandolin
Jason Roweth:
fretless semi-acoustic bass, electric guitar

Sample Tracks:

Sailing Through History

Negatives of Glass

Respected folklorist and musician Warren Fahey has kindly offered to say a few words to support my songs.

"Jim Low's songs deserve to be heard. They are genuine story songs that have a direct link to this land and this precious culture of ours. In many ways the songs link us to our history in the same way traditional songs served us in allowing us to record our emotional history. In this rapidly changing world many of our stories, especially those set in song, tend to be lightweight and dumbed-down. Many of them, masquerading as 'folk songs', are far removed from reality and, unfortunately, musicality. I've been listening to Jim's songs for some years now and have been taken by his ability to create and sing songs that get to the heart of the story, entertain and beg to be listened to again. This is a very satisfying selection of songs that should take his songs to a wider audience."