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The wattles are back and blooming on our bushland block. Although the wattle can apparently bloom at any time of the year, its blossoms are usually associated with the coming of spring.

wattleThe wattle blossoms in our back yard have definitely arrived earlier than last year. The fires of 2001 savagely destroyed most of the bushland behind our home. Although all of the wattles on our block disappeared, they have quietly fought their way back through the regeneration of their seeds. Since the fires, the long periods of dry weather obviously slowed their return. It is great to see that they are again establishing themselves in abundance and in a variety of types. The subtle, unique fragrance of the wattle blossom definitely invigorates the soul.

The golden wattle is Australia's national floral emblem. The many different varieties of wattle have inspired many a poet to wax lyrical. I have been reading John Mathew's 1902 collection of poems entitled Australian Echoes. He included a poem on the wattle. For him, their springtime arrival inspired not only hope and happiness but brought awelcome beauty to the landscape.

"Thy downy pellets bursting out
Begirt with filigree,
With golden velvet wrap about
And glorify the tree."

(Now why does the second line of this verse remind me of our national anthem? Oh, yes … "girt by sea"!)
During the years I was teaching I wrote a song about the wattle. I often taught it to my students with the coming of the warmer months. When I work in my garden I often find myself singing it.

6 June 2008 © Jim Low

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