Jim Low - singer/songwriter

The Further I Travel


Jim Low


Organiser of Sutherland Acoustic



The Further I Travel is the title of Jim Low's 2nd CD following the successful launch 2 years ago of his debut album Above The Creek Bed. Songs and music are all by Jim except The King  and When Angedool was Young both  adapted from Jim Harper's poems.

Again featuring Jason and Chloe Roweth lending their expert backing vocals and instrumentals to enrich and support the songs, you get a sense that this is a collaboration of like minds who share a genuine respect and friendship.
The characteristic that most sums up this CD is that it is a gentle, easy, heartfelt journey you are being taken on. Some of the material doesn't shrink from the tragedy of past history and that is as it should be (Pennyweight Flat  and  Myall Creek Station), but the overall feel of the CD is uplifting and relaxing and that has the odd ability to make you take time to listen to the stories and images that resonate clearly and succinctly.

There are some lovely images that you will find in the songs .
The song that stays with me is Mr Eternity about Arthur Stace, connected to Jim by his childhood sightings of the chalk writing.   It speaks volumes of how a man can become an icon by a simple, tiny act.

There is a freshness, honesty and integrity to this CD which says a lot about Jim himself. Shining through are his passion, fascination and wonder with Australia, its history, its people and our fascinating stories - a desire to make sense of it all and take something forward.

I recommend this CD highly for anyone who loves stories of our past and would like a gentle, laconic way of delivering these interesting musical tableaux with extremely competent vocals and musical backing. It is a quality production and a CD that has great heart and soul.

Get yourself a copy. You won't be sorry you added such a treasure to your CD collection. Jim is an unassuming, largely unsung contributor to the folk scene tapestry and I hope this CD brings him further recognition.


The CD is available at www.jimlow.net