Jim Low - singer/songwriter



I took the road of the wildest of dreamers
Who came in search of their fortune in gold
To Forest Creek, that famous of places
Its history I came to behold.

Under the grey-box I wandered in silence
Stepping around shallow graves on a rise
Searching for answers to questions perplexing
As moisture blinded my eyes

I then spent a night in the old town of Maldon
Which I return to many a time
Above what was once the shop owned by Franklin
Made of stone and of iron

“An unusual combination”
The history books suggest
Stone and galvanised iron
A simple building at best.

A man, once so powerful, appeared on the TV
Retelling history, later that night
“You may have to engage in evil,” he told us
“So that you then can do right.”

“An unusual combination”
Common sense can tell
Good dependent on evil
Has Heaven now become Hell?

And what of his order to use a poison
So it could become a weapon of war?
To dump on a people already suffering
Well, he couldn’t remember for sure!
Repeat verses 1 and 3

© Jim Low 2008


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