Jim Low - singer/songwriter



Let me sing you a song about a Moreton Bay Fig tree
For sixty long years it grew in North Sydney
Its branches were wide, such a beautiful sight
Against a bulldozer it put up a fight

For it stood in the path of the coming expressway
The picks and the axes came out on a Wednesday
And despite all the effort, progress was slow
It was clear the old fig tree was unwilling to go

For sixty long years it grew
And it grew
For sixty long years it grew

The following day it rained and it poured
This sign from above was simply ignored
They used a bulldozer and it didn't take long
The old tree crashed down, it all seemed so wrong

A black and white photo I took in my childhood
Reminds me how stately that old fig tree stood
It was part of North Sydney, its size was so big
And it taught me there are those who don't care a fig

© Jim Low 1997


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