Jim Low - singer/songwriter




Your weathered headstone tells nothing about
Your life and what you went through.
In a lonely paddock, west of the range
I first made my acquaintance with you.

Convicted of stealing a horse or two
A trip to Australia you receive;
In chain gang and service for thirteen years
Until your ticket-of-leave.

And I still feel a sense of shame,
That I first laughed at your name.
But your name was the reason I found out more
I'm wiser than I was before.


And you marry Jane and you work the land,
A family of ten you will raise,
You own a farm near Nepean shores,
In Cudgegong you end your days.

You dark eyed gypsy, you're more than a name,
Resting in peace at Cudgegong,
I'll return to this place in future years
And remember you in my song.

© Jim Low