Jim Low - singer/songwriter




It was the songs of Australia
You sang in accent clear
The places and expressions
Familiar to my ear
That fired my imagination
With the stories that they told
Those songs about our history
And characters so bold.

I heard you on the radio
And later on TV
The songs and the ballads
Meant so much to me
Just a schoolboy with a passion
To understand his past
The people and the places
In a land that was so vast.

Oh, folksinger
Sing another song.


I heard you sing at rallies
Against the Vietnam War
You sang your songs of protest
Of things we should abhor
The lies of politicians
From their bankrupt stock of dreams
Our friendship with the USA
And its greedy, violent schemes.

The stench from our involvement
With the American war machine
Conscription of our young men
A process quite obscene
And the plight of the Aborigine
Such injustice for so long
The things that you were singing
Proved the power of a song.

Oh, folksinger
Sing another song.

For many years your music
Took you far across the earth
But still you kept on singing
About the country of your birth
And today the same conviction
When you sing your point of view
Promoting peace and justice
Your songs ring out so true.

Oh, folksinger
Sing another song.

You sing the songs of Australia
They tell our history
You sing about our own times
About peace and equality
And your songs, they are important
Their music and their rhyme
For they document this country
And they’ll stand the test of time.

Oh, folksinger
Sing another song.

Jim Low - © 2005


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