Jim Low - singer/songwriter




I came into the valley
The Turon Valley of gold
And marvelled at the vista
My thoughts on days of old -
When Chinese built this roadway
In the middle of nowhere it seemed
Gold at the end of the rainbow
Down where the Turon gleamed.

Here the Chinese and others
Worked the river for gold
And many a good find was made here
Or so I have been told
But life was hard on the diggings
Much harder for some it seems
The Chinese carried the burden
Of prejudice and schemes.

They were just fair game
They were not the same
They were just fair game.

Dry Scott came to the Turon
In search of horses, gone astray
There he came upon a stranger
Quietly panning away
Scott asked him had he seen his horses
The stranger couldn't understand
Which irritated the horseman
By the river, where he panned.

Scott took hold of the new chum
Threw him back, like a fish
Into the water, much deeper
Because he didn't speak English
He left him there in the water
And went on his way downstream
A voice rang out in the valley
Other diggers heard the scream.

They pulled him out of the river
His recovery took awhile
He gave the police a description
And Scott was brought to trial.
In the eyes of the law we're all equal
Scott was found guilty and fined
Just a paltry amount, though
For Chinese are a different kind.

Jim Low - © 1990

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