Jim Low - singer/songwriter



JIM LOW: vocals and guitar singing - TERESA WEST: harmonies - IAN JENKINS: acoustic bass


When I was a child walking down the street
I'd see this strange word written, written at my feet
Eternity was what it read, I asked my Dad just what it said
And it meant forever, and ever and ever
Always, always

And Mr Eternity
The man whom we never see
In the early light of day
With his chalk he'd write away
Eternity, Eternity

What to a young child could this strange word mean
A day, a week, a year, to some it might have seemed
Another year to Christmas seemed eternity
And a week to Saturday's pictures was like forever to me

The city streets he wrote on no longer seemed the same
When Mr Eternity left this life Eternity to claim
And when the word in yellow chalk faded from my view
I knew a part of childhood had disappeared too
And it went forever, and ever and ever
Always, always

© Jim Low


The song. Mr Eternity is available on CD