Jim Low - singer/songwriter





Second-hand videos and paperback books
Packets of sinkers and fishing hooks
Various knickknacks and bric-a-brac
On their stall at old Coolac

Behind the table he stands with his wife
Quietly remembering their former life
When they built up a business, successful too
The lease they couldn’t then renew

“Ten years,” he said, “and nothing to show
“If you’d met me then, I was not nice to know
“They left us with much of the surplus stock
“It was all such a cruel and sudden shock.”

“It’s the leftover goods we’re now trying to sell
“And other possessions on the table as well
“They left us with nothing, but we’ve still got our health
“They fleeced us of all our future wealth!”

“Four years have passed, it’s hard to forget
“We’ve still got each other and we’re not done yet
“We come to these markets, take a dollar or two
“Our story we share with folks like you.”

The sky above was so blue and clear
Easter was over for another year
I wished them well as I said, “Goodbye”
Then headed on to Gundagai.

Jim Low - © 2005


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