Boyd’s Tower at Twofold Bay – podcast

Here’s the very first podcast from what I am calling Open Your Eyes to Australia. It tells a little of the history of Boyd’s Tower at Twofold Bay on the far south coast of New South Wales. Listen to the tower’s story through the lives of two people associated with it – Ben Boyd, its builder, and Peter Lia, a young whaler who lost his life chasing a whale.

I was there in mid September and thought the ambience inside the tower sounded so interesting that I had to try it. You will hear me testing the acoustics with my minidisc. I also took lots of images, and a few appear below.

The featured song is Boyd’s Tower. You can learn more about the podcast and subscribe to it here.

One Response to “Boyd’s Tower at Twofold Bay – podcast”

  1. andrew noyes
    March 30th, 2008 23:11

    Hi Jim
    We are in Cambridge, England – long way from you! I am coming to Auz for Tamworth Country Festival in January to play with Keith Pearson’s Coup de Grass – Treacle Line – bluegrass band and wanted to get aquoainted with your country. I found your podcats. I love them – more please! My surname is Noyes and my mother’s Mighell. We have some Mighell relations in Aus – my Mum tracked them down – but not sure if I will have time to meet up with any of them.
    Thanks for your podcast. I look forward to hearing the next one in due course.
    Andrew Noyes

    PS You might be able to help – i need to keep in caintact with the offcei and my family whislt I am away. I am getting a laptop computer with goodness knows what gadgets – is it easy to pick up ‘hotmail’ in Aus? Thanks.

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